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  • Our Augusta, Georgia Locksmith Services

    If you are facing an emergency or require help with enhancing the security of your home, our skilled locksmiths will provide you crucial assistance to make sure your residence is very secure. Our top priority is your satisfaction and safety, so feel free to contact us at any time for your locksmith related needs.

    We ensure that each mobile unit is fully equipped with the tools and equipment that our trained and licensed workers need to complete a wide array of jobs in just one visit. If you are facing an emergency situation like a home invasion or need re-keyed locks at odd hours, we will assist you promptly. We ensure that you and your loved ones can have peace and security that same night.

    Additionally, we go above and beyond emergency services to serve each client. We can successfully install surveillance cameras on the outside or inside of your residence to protect it from criminals, as they are easily deterred when they notice the recording equipment. We can also provide services for additional buildings and even your cars!

    The following list details our services:

    - Installing, replacing and repairing window locks.
    - Installing, replacing and repairing safes.
    - Installing, replacing and repairing cabinet locks.
    - Re-keying many types of locks (even vehicular locks).
    - Transponder key programming.
    - Lock picking services from trained professionals.
    - Remedies for when you become locked out of your home.
    - Unlocking the locks on your automobile's doors or trunk.

    In the event of an emergency, one of our thoroughly trained, bonded, fully insured and licensed locksmiths will come to the scene with a mobile unit that is stocked with equipment to assist you. Within one hour, we will assist you with your locksmith needs; we can also provide you with many regular locksmith services. Whether you need exterior doors of a new residence re-keyed, installation of window locks, or repairs on broken vehicle locks, we urge you to contact us ASAP. Our professional team will give you a no-obligation estimate and a time estimate for your security needs.