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  • Commercial Services

  • We offer various commercial locksmith services around the clock in Augusta, GA. Our team of highly experienced professionals with specialized skill sets is always ready to deliver high-quality commercial locksmith services. We take pride in delivering highest levels of customer satisfaction.

    We understand the importance of paying attention to details as that is all that matters. We have earned a reputation for delivering high-quality business to business service to Augusta businesses on a daily basis.

    The requirements of a business are different regarding locksmith services as businesses require much more than key change and un-lock services. Therefore, we offer various high-tech services including installation of surveillance cameras, CCTV security solution, intercom systems and various other services focused on business security. Also, all of these services are offered by us at a highly competitive rate.

    Here is a list of the commercial locksmith services offered by our team of professionals:

    -File cabinets locks
    -Installation of high-security locks
    -Services related to various security systems such as CCTV, alarms and intercoms
    -Changing locks when needed
    -Wireless security camera system
    -Security door locks
    -Rekeying of existing and master locks
    -24 hours availability for emergency locksmith services

    We are available 24 hours a day to help our customers in Stamford. Our technicians are available at any time in various locations in Stamford, and our technicians can reach your location within 30 min of the call to provide emergency locksmith service.

    Our technicians have received a high level of training, and they are capable of handling the most difficult jobs. Our technicians can change high-security locks as well as install office alarm systems and CCTV for your business. In addition to the installation of a new security system, we also offer troubleshooting services of your existing security camera systems as well as all other types of commercial locksmith services needed by your company in Augusta GA.

    Rest assured that you are going to get the best locksmith services in Augusta.

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  • Keypad locks

    Key card locks offer high-level security as these locks can only be opened with the help of special key cards that are the size of a credit card. In fact, these have completely reinvented the functioning of security systems. These locks can be installed correctly by an experienced locksmith only as specific training is required to install and operate the system. These locks are usually recommended for a master bedroom, garage door as well as the main door.

  • Scanner locks

    These are highly advanced security locks and some experts consider these to be the most advanced locks available on the market today. In this system, a voice scan, retinal scan, iris scan or scan of a finger/thumb is needed to disengage the latch. Most of the people prefer scanner locks for securing their safe as well as other rooms where only authorized persons are allowed to enter. These are the most secure locks that we have to offer.

  • Key card locks

    These locks offer much better security as compared to the traditional key and lock systems. This locking system does not allow an intruder to go through as these cannot be duplicated which is the case with traditional key and lock systems. Also, you don't need to carry a bunch of keys with you as you only need the passkey to unlock the keypad lock.

  • Secure locks

    If you want enhanced security for your home, you should try the above-mentioned locking systems such as key card locks, scanner locks, and keypad locks.

    While these locking systems do secure your property, these also need to be installed in the right manner to keep your home safe. In addition to providing high quality and durable security systems, our company also offers proper installation of these systems for an additional fee. Our technicians can also help in unlocking as well as repairing broken security systems.