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  • Q. How Will I know an Augusta Locksmith Representative When They Arrive At my Business or Home?

    A. When an Augusta Locksmith arrives at your workplace or your home to conduct any scheduled work, they will always arrive at the premises in our company truck that is fully lettered and quite easy to identify. Our representatives are always fully dressed in clothing that features the company logo, and will always carry identification, which must be presented to our clients on demand. The only exception to this rule is if there is no work being done, such as when a product or keys being delivered by our representative or employee, or a site survey and estimate being done. In such cases, the staff might be driving personal vehicles; nonetheless, they still need to have their ID and dress appropriately.

    Q. Do I need to re-key the locks to my home when a family member has lost their key to the house, considering someone might find it and be able to get into my home?

    A. No. In most cases, the locks can be re-keyed. In such a case, this is a more economical solution for sustained protection and security for your home.

    Q. What if my house has many different locks, and I need to have several different key with me most of the time. Is it possible to get all the locks placed in one key?

    A. Yes. In most cases, you can have the existing locks in your office and home re-keyed into one single key. The only exception here is if the lock manufacturers and keys are different. For instance, if all your locks were made by Schlage, then all of them can be placed into one key. But, if some of the locks were made by Kwikset, then they have to remain different unless the cylinder inside the locks can be changed to be Schlage as well.

    Please note that this might not work with all the types of locks. Our team will be very happy to work with you and come up with the best solution.

    Q. Which kinds of locks are the most secure?

    A. The highest security locks we install are Medeco Locks. Though some of the residential clients may feel that the locks can be a bit too expensive for their needs, our commercial clients often feel they are a great option. These locks have specially restricted keyways, meaning that the locks and keys can only be obtained from the authorized medico dealers. In this case, the locks are practically picked proofed. Additionally, you can only replicate the keys when you present them with correct authorization and identification.

    Commercial clients who want to utilize a master key system to their building, Medeco locks provide the most diverse and flexible keying capabilities. While Medeco locks can be used for some residential properties, some Schlage and Kwikset locks offer the best keying options for home security. Our team will be happy to work with you on your individual needs and concerns.

    Q. I’m planning to place a new lock set on my door. Is it recommended to have a deadbolt also installed?

    A. Yes. When you have a deadbolt and lockset in combination, this provides you with extra security. Certainly, we’d recommend this, but it is not a necessity.

    Q. What if I accidentally lock myself out of my home, and have to call a locksmith to open my door. Will the lock be destroyed? Will I have to cover the costs of replacing the locks and paying for the service call to have a locksmith at my house?

    A. Most experienced locksmiths will try to pick the lock first. When successful, this won’t damage your lock. If the lock was in a poor condition, too old, weather-beaten, needed repair or parts of the locking system were broken, then this might not be an option. This might mean having to drill out the whole cylinder out and then replacing it. Nonetheless, ensure that you discuss the available options and price before the work commences. This way, you can make an informed decision on the kind of work that will be done.